Explore the City Freely

With a trustworthy chauffeur, Orion’s private care services let you explore the UK safely and in private. You don’t have to worry about finding the safest way to the venue on your own; our drivers will take care of the route. We ensure you have a stress-free travel experience. Our drivers arrive 15 minutes early to make room for unforeseen circumstances. We show up smartly dressed and prepared for the day’s programme. Whether you are attending a social event, a business meeting or going on a well-deserved trip, Orion will take you to your destinations.

Choose a Ride from Our Elegant Fleet

Whatever occasion you are headed off to, you’ll find the perfect ride from the Orion fleet. We have dashing Rolls Royces to dapper Bentleys to dependable Mercedes-Benzes at your disposal. Sophisticated and dignified, these vehicles give off an air of exclusivity like no other. They’re recognizable and renowned, so you’ll make a sensation the moment you step out of the car. These cars boast plush interiors and have enough room for multiple passengers. There’s space for luggage from your trip, bags from your shopping spree or a change of clothes for a day of social events. Choose your transportation from our fleet here.

Ride with Peace of Mind

All of Orion’s vehicles are kept in excellent working condition, so you can rest assured that every ride will be smooth and worry-free. The interiors are regularly cleaned, following standard care instructions for luxury materials. The engines are also looked after by specialized luxury vehicle experts. You have the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe to drive around the UK. For our drivers, safety is the priority. We always choose the route we think is safest, unless you instruct us otherwise. Should an unforeseen event occur, our chauffeur will follow a strict protocol to ensure everyone’s safety. Hire a corporate car from Orion and explore the UK freely. Book online today.

All Our Vehicles Are Fully Covid-19 Sanitised