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Chauffeur services aren’t just about getting someone to drive you from point A to point B, at least not with us. It is about doing so in the most luxurious and classy manner possible and the car goes a long way in achieving that. That is why we are incredibly proud of our fleet of Mercedes-Benz S class cars. There are luxury cars and then there is the Mercedes-Benz S class which sets the benchmark for the entire luxury segment. So, irrespective of whether you are using a luxury chauffeur service for the first time or the hundredth time, you cannot go wrong with the S class. We have added some nice touches to our fleet of Mercedes-Benz S class cars to make them even more special and lavish.


What makes our Mercedes-Benz S class cars one of the best cars for chauffeur driving?

Ask any car enthusiast about which car they consider to be the best luxury car out there and one of the names that would be recommended to you will be the S-class. It is elegant and has all the functional bits in the most decked out way so that your trip can be as laid back and relaxed as possible. Here are some of the things that make the Mercedes-Benz S class the epitome of luxurious chauffeur driving.


Classy and head-turning looks:

The phrase ‘arriving in style’ is the best way to describe the aesthetic appeal of the S class. Irrespective of whether you are planning to use our chauffeur service for a formal setting or for an informal setting, the S-class will allow you to travel to and reach your destination in the classiest manner possible. The Mercedes-Benz S class commands incredible road presence which makes it quite an attention-grabbing car but in a manner that isn’t pretentious. That is not all. It allows you to make a statement that can come in handy in many different situations where you might need the help of a chauffeur service. All our cars are maintained fastidiously which means that your trip will no longer just be about getting between two places but about enjoying and savoring the entire experience.


Cozy and well-equipped interior:

Looks can only get you so far and the meat of a great chauffeur service is the way a car looks and feels on the inside and the Mercedes-Benz S class leaves no stones unturned. All the bits that you would expect from a high-end luxury car such as excellent head and legroom, comfy seats with great lumbar support and plush and smooth ride quality are present along with a few nice touches such as leg rests and the cultured elegance that only a Merc can have.

Excellent Orion Luxury Service:

With Orion luxury chauffeur driving service, you will get more than just a fleet of stock Mercedes-Benz S class cars. The S-class cars are awesome as we have alluded to so far but we want to ensure that our customers get even more when they hire an S class from us. Apart from being well-maintained and serviced, each of our cars come equipped for the ultimate say in luxurious chauffeur driving. These includeclassic Mercedes upholstery, pristine interiors, bottled water, chewing gum, tissues, and 4g WIFI. Some of our cars even have a fridge in the center console. All of these and many more nice touches make each of our Mercedes-Benz S classcars splendid and give you an experience that even owners of this car aren’t privy to.


Orion Luxury Services has made a name for itself in the chauffeur driving realm and our fleet of Mercedes-Benz S class cars proves why.

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