Mercedes V-CLASS


It is generally considered that MPVs and luxury aren’t words that generally go together in the same sentence but what if you want to transport a group of people in luxury or you need the extra space? There is only one option in this case and that is the Mercedes-Benz V Class and with Orion Luxury Services, you get a fully decked out version of this awesome car. This means that traveling in a larger group doesn’t have to be in cramped cars anymore. You can hire one of our V-class cars and get driven about in style with each member of your group getting the very best chauffeur experience and levels of comfort and class only people can dream of.


What makes the Mercedes-Benz V Class so well-suited for hiring from our chauffeur driving line-up?

Among the many things that Mercedes do well, one is the ability to provide functional comfort and style even in a car with dimensions as large as the V-class. Normally, chauffeur services have a hard time providing cars that can transport small groups of people together or people with a lot of stuff in a manner that would be considered luxurious. Most of the time, some compromise has to be made. We at Orion Luxury Services do not believe in such compromises, a fact that is made clear by our fleet of Mercedes-Benz V Class cars.


Luxury in a substantial package:

Usually, MPVs are destined to possess a boxy design that just feels like an eyesore. It is one of those shapes that is very difficult to work with and yet Mercedes has done the impossible by not only making the V-class easy on the eyes but actually making it appealing. Another area where the V-class differs from other cars in its segment is the way it drives. It isn’t powered by some lousy engine that makes the journey feel labored and uninteresting. The Mercedes-Benz V Class is powered by some of the smoothest and capable engines that Mercedes makes and that makes it the most refined MPV out there.


Plush interiors and exquisite ride quality:

The one thing that Mercedes has always done well is to equip their cars’ interiors in a comfy and classy manner and the V Class exemplifies this trait perfectly. A journey in a large boxy car is not always something people look forward to and often necessity wins over comfort and luxury in such cases. With our fleet of Mercedes-Benz V Class cars, you do not have to make any such compromises when it comes to the chauffeur service. The need for a larger car should never come at the cost of comfort and ride quality and that is why we provide the V-class as a worthy option for customers who need such cars. They look classy, are well equipped and feature plush interiors and a comfy setting allowing for a small group of people to travel in ultimate comfort and without making any sacrifices.


Top-notch Orion Luxury Service:

We believe in providing each of our customers with an experience that stays with them and that is why we ensure that each of our Mercedes-Benz V Class cars is well maintained and serviced on time. Our cars come with all the little titbitsyou would need to make your journey comfortable and convenient such as bottled water, chewing gum, tissues, and 4g WIFI. Our customers deserve a hassle-free experience and we go the extra mile to ensure that you get the very best service and an uncompromised experience.


Orion Luxury Services likes making difficult things appear easy and our fleet of Mercedes-Benz V Class cars is proof that even when you need an MPV sized car, you can still get similar levels of opulence as you would from our other cars.


  • Ambient lighting in a trio colours
  • Controlled dual electric sliding doors
  • Front and rear ‘thermatic’ 3-zone automatic climate control

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