Range Rover Autobiography LWB


For a long time, there has been one name synonymous with refined living and that is the Range Rover Autobiography Long Wheel-Base. From major sports personalities around the globe to anyone who loves making their presence known, this car has been their go-to mode of transport and for good reason.


A charming personality

Say you want to experience what it is like to be in a car that just doesn’t care what the exterior conditions are like then this is it. It also has a relatively short history which means that every Autobiography in our fleet is absolutely brand spanking new.  It is also a great car with a large fan base as in these few years of its existence it has transcended all boundaries and has been accepted throughout the world as a symbol of refined living. This comes down to a combination of extreme ruggedness, supreme comfort, and industry-leading safety features. All this in a package that looks so classy and distinguished that the car should not be able to do everything it does. Such a combination is impossible to find in the world of automobiles and that is why it is so special. Using our services, you will be able to partake of all these awesome features without having to break the bank. Who said you have to own a car to be able to enjoy its awesomeness?


The ultimate expression of fine living on four wheels:

Generally, cars fall into two categories. Either they are pretty but on the dainty side and become useless off the road or they are rugged and go pretty much everywhere but look like an eyesore. The Range Rover Autobiography Long Wheel-Base manages to find that sweet spot between the two by being as rugged as they come while still looking stunningly beautiful. It is a car that will be equally at home on rough terrain or the parking lot of a high-end society. It is the car equivalent of a person who has beauty, brains and the brawns. So, if you need a car for a trip that involves rough roads but you still want to arrive at your destination in style then there are no better options than renting the Range Rover Autobiography. This also has the added advantage of keeping you comfortable and ready for whatever your destination has to offer instead of arriving with a broken back.


King of versatility:

This is a hefty car and so the general misconception is that it does not belong among sleek luxury cars. This might give you second thoughts about renting this car but think again. This conception couldn’t be any more wrong. This car has been made for the distinguished and those who love the finer things in life but with a twist. This is the perfect car to set you apart in literally a grand and monumental manner. The looks are what will catch your attention but it’s the way it drives that will have you hooked. So, even if you will be in it for a short duration, it will leave a lasting impression and make the trip worth remembering.


A jack of all trades that is great at everything it does:

Choose this car and trust us, you will not regret it. It is as much a strong statement as it is a wonderful exhibition of human endeavor to achieve perfection in the field of automobiles.

Each Autobiography Long Wheel-Base in our fleet is fully outfitted with everything you need to complete your journey in style. These include high-speed 4G Wi-Fi, latest issues of magazines and newspapers, bottled water, chewing gum, and tissues. Each of our cars is maintained to the highest of standards so you get only the absolute best.

Few cars can command attention like the Range Rover Autobiography Long Wheel-Base does while filling you with a sense of adventure. We invite you to live the distinguished life in this gem of a car.



  • Four-Zone Climate Control
  • Configurable Interior Mood Lighting
  • Autobiography Specification
  • Rear Entertainment
  • On-Board 4G WiFi (by request)

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